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Snapshot Revolt

Snapshots of a World on Fire

Snapshots of a Photogenic Revolution
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This community is for all those quaint pictures of an empire crumbling. Got a pic from an anti-war demonstration? Of police brutality? Gay Pride? Put it on here. I'd like to document the resistance to imperialism, if only to see and share what's going on around the world.

For now, the only rules are to post photos that

1) Are original posts. They don't have to be your pictures per se, but please make sure you're not getting the photographer angry by posting their pictures. If you're posting pictures from the same event as someone else, put them in the same thread. Just makes things nice and tidy.

2) Fit the topic. A picture of your cat climbing a tree is off-topic, but a picture of your cat walking with you at a demonstration would be dead-on.

3) Are as graphic as reality. We should be documenting not only the colorful side of our resistance, but the ugly underbelly as well. Photos of cops beating people, angry counter-demonstrations, and all shows of force by the state are welcome. Self-censorship hurts us all.

4) If your post has multiple photos, lj-cut all but one.

There's a thousand places to cull photos if you didn't attend and snap away at an event yourself. A good place to start would be the http://www.indymedia.org network.